What does the exhibition offer?

  • the complete range of the Hungarian building machine and its support industry;
  • free professional programmes of high standards;
  • family programmes with children’s corner and children’s programmes;
  • spectacular machine previews;
  • delicious meals and drinks;
  • free parking;
  • free entrance;
  • traffic without traffic jams;
  • workshops will be held for the machine dealers and users in the field of, for example, labour safety, financing, insurance, tenders, servicing, information technology.


There are three main parts of the exhibition:

  • Indoor booths in the big pavilion, where every exhibitor has to be present;
  • Outdoor booths: static (traditional) exhibiting areas, where the machines can be observed, but not at work, at the locations of each exhibitor;
  • Testing locations according to machine categories, where machines can be observed and also tested also at work during the exhibition. In each category only one machine can be dispalyed by each exhibitor.

Outdoor areas, machine categories

Machines are displayed according to machine categories, rather than by exhibitor at the exhibition. The machine categories are the following. In each category only one machine can be displayed by each exhibitor.

Machines displayed in categories can be observed and also tested at work during the exhibition.

Építőgépek Kiállítása 2014 helyszínrajz


At the outdoor static exhibiting area there are also machines and components displayed which could not be categorised by the above machine categories. On this traditional exhibiting area these can also be observed, although not at work.